Successful Grand Opening at the Lazy Tulip Cafe!

We want to thank everyone who came out on Saturday for the Grand Opening!  It was most definitely an impressive turn-out of regular customers and some great friends who came from all over.  It was greatly appreciated for all who showed their support!

Also a huge thank you to Neil Crowe of Eyeswide.  This wonderful Barrie musician really made this event feel like a party and it was a perfect vibe.

And more thank you’s to our staff and those who came out just to lend us a hand.  Joshua did a great job in the kitchen pumping out the food.  Tess Fisher was on dish patrol and did a fabulous job.  And then Anthony and AJ from the Midway Diner were a great help passing around food and proudly displaying Matt’s nicely painted Lazy Tulip t-shirts!

And…one more thank you to Cathie Wilke who took these awesome shots of the event! | 29 Maple Avenue, Barrie, ON, L4N 1R7 | 705-252-0910