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Our Move to the MacLaren – Giving Thanks

The Lazy Tulip Cafe - MacLaren Art Centre

Our Move to the MacLaren – Giving Thanks

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The Lazy Tulip Cafe - MacLaren Art CentreJust one year ago we left our home on Maple Avenue and moved into the back of the Midway Diner on John St.offering takeout-only through our little takeout window.  Then we waited until the perfect opportunity for a dine-in location presented itself.  When Wayne Hay from Hayco asked me if taking over the cafe at the MacLaren Art Centre would work for my brand I told him “Yes!”.  How could I say no!  Thank you Wayne for connecting the dots!

I am so incredibly thankful for all the people that helped to make the Radio cafe at the MacLaren into the new Lazy Tulip Cafe.   There are so many people to thank but first are all the staff from the MacLaren.  They welcomed us into their family with open arms and kindness.  Lisa, Ashleigh, Brittany, Mar, Abigail, Peter, Jonathan and I know there are more but we love you all!

Then all the trades people that got us equipped, plumbed in & electrified!  Richard SpeareDominic ChoocomolinGeorgian Electric,  and Greg from Transcanada   , they always go out of their way to get things done!

And how could we be the Lazy Tulip without a little artistic flair!  Thank you to Kezza Lewis for nailing the artwork on the chalkboard, the placemats & the front counter graphic.  It couldn’t have come out more perfect!  You can find more of her work on her Insta here!

I couldn’t thank Lisa & Dave from Owen Signcraft enough for installing the logo on the front window along with the front counter graphic and the frosted glass tulips.  They are so friendly and accommodating making this transformation so smooth!

With having to change how we prepare foods at the MacLaren location I needed to get some advice on the Lazy Tulip menu and who better than Lawrence Bangay from Without Reservations.  Lawrence has to be one of the best chefs in Barrie and so happy he could spend some time to guide me on moving forward with this menu.  We look forward to working together in the future!

And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because this family is loaded with talent.  How excited I was to hear that Natasha Bangay was willing to give this menu a visual upgrade (or at least make it readable! lol) This menu is clean, mature but still has that Tulip Flair!  Check out some more of her work on her Insta here!

And on this day I am so grateful for my team.  After a month of resumes, interviews & training I am super blessed to have the best team!  Everyone knows Michael and his smiling face is working full time at the MacLaren location.  Joining him are Willa, Rebecca, Anna & Holden.  I couldn’t ask for a better team!  And at the Midway location Kayla has taken on most of the prep that gets pumped out for the MacLaren location.  I’m so lucky to have her!

And lastly, thank you to my customers who have stuck by me, returned and supported me throughout this crazy journey.  I am so grateful for each and every one of you!

With love & hugs, Michelle