Tulip to host Fundraising Event for Belize Community Conservation – Kids for Clean Water

The Belize Community Conservation is an organization that is committed to connecting, working collaboratively and consulting with global citizens to help create self-sustaining and strengthened communities by supporting & enriching the lives of people living in Belize.  They presented some kids from the Holy Cross Primary school $4.00 disposable Kodak cameras and told them to Photograph What you Love. Love What you Photograph. The results are now available for online auction or for $15/person you are welcome to come on May 8th from 6-8:30 where you can enjoy house made baked goods and a virgin chocolate espresso martini.  To bid on these photos please go to Kids for Clean Water and bid in the comment box!

To RSVP for the event on May 8th please go to Grow Yourself, Grow Your Business, Grow a Dream.

Belize Kids for Clean Water



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