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Reservations ~ Patio

Patio is open on Canada Day!!

At this time, our patio will be available for dining on weekends only and all patio seating is reserved. Please refer to the illustration where we show tables for 1-2 people, or 3-4 people. Please book only the size you need so that we may accommodate everyone.  

Please use the form below to tell us when you would like to book your table. Just 5 simple steps:

1Select the date you would like to book your reservation – up to 30 days in advance.

2Select the time you would like to arrive.

3Select the duration of your reservation – 60 minutes max.

4Select any available table (green).

5Click the “BOOK THIS TABLE” button and complete the form to confirm your reservation. Please provide a MOBILE phone number so we can communicate by text.

Each table has a maximum number of seats – please select the number of guests at the table you are booking and do not enter anything into the field directly. If you wish to have a larger group at your table please contact Michelle directly and/or add a note on your booking.