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Now Serving Planet Bean Coffee!

Now Serving Planet Bean Coffee!

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This weekend we are proud to be launching our new coffee from a small micro roaster from Guelph, ON called Planet Bean.

And with this change will evolve our passion for coffee.  The Planet Bean team will be sending in their barista for a full on training session at the Tulip.  We’re really looking forward to this as we are in desperate need of help in the latte art department!  We will also be hosting a coffee tasting event featuring our new line of coffee!  Please stay tuned for dates on that!

Here is our Planet Bean Coffee Lineup

Mexican Chiapas : Strong, Bold Flavour . Smoky & Spicy . Our Darkest French Roast

Peruvian Cafe Femenino : Floral Aroma . Notes of Caramel & Roasted Nut . Medium Roast.  Grown in the Andes by the Cafe Femenino women’s cooperatives of northern Peru.  Check out more about Cafe Femenino here!

Jumping Bean :  Espresso

Full City Peruvian Decaf Espresso : A Medium Roast with mild acidity and a fruity aroma accompany wonderful notes of cherry and chocolate.

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About Planet Bean

Planet Bean began roasting coffee in downtown Guelph in 1997.  From the beginning their focus was on certified fair trade and organic gourmet arabica coffee.  They roast to order in small batches, therefore, they don’t warehouse any of our roasted coffee so it is always fresh roasted when shipped.  And they are passionate about their work!

Planet Bean Vision

Planet Bean is an innovative business model that is fair, sustainable and passionate.

Planet Bean Mission

Planet Bean create

s the best tasting coffee and through fair trade, links producers and consumers in a meaningful way.

At Planet Bean we are

Barrie Organic Fair Trade Coffee


We believe our success is grounded in a moral economy informed by the principals of fair trade for our producers, our workers , our shareholders and our customers.


We have a passion for excellent coffee, and this is reflected in our knowledge and advancement of gourmet coffee creation


We are respectful of the many hands that touch our coffee – from the farmers who grow and harvest it, to the roasters who roast it, the baristas who brew it and to those who drink it.

Ecologically Sustainable

We believe our success as a business is measured not only by our financial earnings but also our ability to reduce our ecological footprint, improve the health of the planet and advance organic production.

Co-operatively Driven

We believe a democratic workplace based on the international principals of co-operation is the way to create a model for a people centered economy.

Planet bean coffee at the Lazy TulipFor more information on Planet Bean check them out at:

Planet Bean Coffee 

Planet Bean on Facebook

Planet Bean on Twitter