Featured Local Artists

Featured Artists

Jai Satya Kaur

Jai Satya Kaur art now showing at Lazy Tulip Cafe (1)Jai Satya Kaur brings a warming glow to her yoga & art classes.  She has been doing yoga since the age of 16 as she started her teaching journey with Kundalini Yoga which developed into a deeper passion and commitment. She completed a practitioner course on Life Styles and Life Cycles, continuing education.

Art has always been a prevailing aspect in Jai Satya’s life. It comes in flows of expression allowing creativity to dance.  She completed one year of Fine Arts at Lakehead University surrounding herself with creativity allowing new chapters in her life to come up.

She has done murals for over 5 years. Murals has been one aspect that flowed with her and allowed many pieces to prevail themselves.

Cynthia Blair

Cynthia Blair art Red TulipsOur featured artist for the event is Cynthia Blair.  Cynthia is a local artist from Midland, ON.  We were appropriately attracted to her painting of “Red Tulips” which is currently hanging at the cafe.  Cynthia Blair’s work is strongly influenced by the rich and colourful landscapes of the Killarney, Algonquin and Georgian Bay areas. Many of her paintings are done Plein Air, no matter the weather or season. Bold, vibrant florals are also one of her familiar subjects, often creating a close-up view of the flower. Cynthia will be joining us for this evening to discuss her work.


Michelle Huggins

traveling in the himalayasCurrently running:  Black & white photos as well as TV slideshow  

India & Nepal – Six months of traveling in India & Nepal resulted in so many incredible life experiences.  Here is just a prime pick of shots from Hampi, Gokarna, Kerala, Rajastan, Khajurao, Varanasi, Darjeeling, Himalayas, Nepal and Dharmasala. | 29 Maple Avenue, Barrie, ON, L4N 1R7 | 705-252-0910