37 Mulcaster St.), Barrie, ON - 705–252–0910 - info@lazytulipcafe.com

Drinks Menu


Americano $3.00
Barrie Black Eye $4.00
Canadiano $3.45

We add a shot of maple syrup - Canadian, eh?

Cappuccino $4.00
Coffee Mug $2.50
Espresso $2.75
Espresso Macchiato $3.25
Gibraltar $3.50
Latte (large) $4.75
Latte (small) $4.00

We proudly serve Planet Bean coffee – it’s fair trade and organic!

Freedom Fighter – Brewed dark roast

Feminino ( Peruvian Women’s  Co-op ) – Brewed medium roast


Cafe Mocha $5.00
Cafe Mocha ~ Spicy $5.75
Hot Chocolate $3.00
Hot Chocolate ~ Mexican $3.75
Superbeet Latte $4.95

Superfine ground beets, tumeric, cinnamon and ginger, steamed with soy milk


Pluck Tea $2.95

Premium tea leaves from sustainably managed gardens and certified organic sources.

Black Teas
Orange Pekoe of York, Earl Grey Cream, English Breakfast, Daily Grind Chai

Green Teas
Fields of Green, Flowering Jasmine, Prince Edward Lavendar, Movie Night

Herbal Teas
Georgian Bay Blend, Chamomile, Cntrl+Alt+Delete, Harvest Mind


The Fog of Georgian Bay $4.75

Pluck Tea Georgian Bay blend, steamed milk and maple syrup

Maple Avenue Fog $4.75

Pluck Tea Smoky Maple, steamed milk and maple syrup

London Fog $4.75

Pluck Tea Earl Grey Cream, steamed milk and vanilla syrup

Golden Milk Latte $4.95

Almond milk, turmeric, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, organic coconut oil and maple syrup

Fog for Breakfast $4.75

Pluck Tea English Breakfast, steamed milk and caramel syrup

Chai Latte ~ Dirty $5.25

What makes a chai latte dirty?  Espresso!!  The best of both worlds!

Chai Latte $3.95


Black River Juice $3.50

Apple/Mango, Orange Tangerine, Red Grapefruit

Country Brew Kombucha $5.50

Blueberry, Lemon/Ginger

Daydream Hemp Infused Sparkling Water $5.50

Blackberry/Chai, Peach/Ginger

Flow H20 $2.50

Naturally alkaline local spring water

Iced Americano $4.00
Pellegrino $3.00

Orange, Lemon

Perrier $2.00

Regular, Lime

Pluck Peachy Iced Tea $3.00