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Barista Training with Planet Bean Coffee

Barista Training with Planet Bean Coffee

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Yesterday I realized my whole life has been a lie!  And here goes the evolution of the Lazy Tulip!  Yesterday afternoon we had our first barista training with Planet Bean Coffee our new supplier of exceptional coffee well known in the Guelph area.  Planet Bean takes great pride in giving you the best coffee experience and are getting us right on track to bringing you the best cup of coffee in Barrie.

Planet Bean barista training 2Ryan, a Planet Bean Barista, spent about an hour showing us how to extract the perfect espresso.  First off we emptied out the all the previously ground coffee out of the holder as the first rule is to grind the beans per order! Next, let’s just toss that single espresso wand right into the garbage because they just do not exist at Planet Bean.  Double and triple wands only! All our espressos & americanos are now double shots!

Barrie espresso bar

Ryan teaches us how to properly fill the wand with freshly ground espresso spreading the coffee all the way to the edges and then with his beautifully crafted tamper presses down with 30 lbs of pressure!  Added to the shopping list:  triple espresso wand, a timer and a new  beautifully crafted tamper like Ryan’s!  After the tampering process Ryan inserts the wand of heaven into our Gaggia, gets out his timer and presses the button.  It should run around 20 seconds he says starting off with a dark colour that progresses into caramel.  Now we examine this liquid gold with a layer of crema so thick that you just want to nestle up in it and float away!  Now the taste test….omg……this truly is the best espresso I’ve ever had and we produced it on our own espresso machine.  This is only the beginning of a lifelong friendship!

Barrie Barista training with Planet Bean Coffee

Next…..milk drinks.  What do you mean I shouldn’t be using my fancy little automated milk frother?  But……ugh…….okay, I can adapt!  Milk is steamed to perfection using the good old fashioned espresso machine frother….by hand.  And then the inevitable…..the learning of the latte art.  Not an easy task…in fact…I successfully made a ghost on my first attempt.  Rather impressive at this time of year!  Ryan showed me up with this…a flower.  I’ve got a long way to go but at least I’ve got the espresso part down which is where it all starts as the real magic starts from there!

Thanks again to Ryan and Byron of Planet Bean.  This is just the start of a beautiful relationship!

Written by Michelle Huggins