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Art Crawl Barrie #WhoNEW?!

Art Crawl Barrie #WhoNEW?!

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Barrie Art Crawl Map

Printable PDF Map –  Who New?! September 2014

Barrie Art Crawl

We are excited to be a part of the Downtown Barrie Art Crawl on Saturday, September 13th from 7pm – 11pm!

The Barrie Art Crawl was first launched in April 2014. They had hoped for at least 75 people but hundreds turned out for an evening of visual art, music and food.

There are 13 downtown venues involved stretching from Maple Avenue to Mulcaster St.

Another exciting part about this crawl is that many non-art related downtown businesses have jumped on board and will be offering pop up shows that won’t be on the map. This should be an exciting night for Downtown Barrie!

The Art

Cynthia Blair art Red TulipsOur featured artist for the event is Cynthia Blair.  Cynthia is a local artist from Midland, ON.  We were appropriately attracted to her painting of “Red Tulips” which is currently hanging at the cafe.  Cynthia Blair’s work is strongly influenced by the rich and colourful landscapes of the Killarney, Algonquin and Georgian Bay areas. Many of her paintings are done Plein Air, no matter the weather or season. Bold, vibrant florals are also one of her familiar subjects, often creating a close-up view of the flower. Cynthia will be joining us for this evening to discuss her work.

Michelle Huggins will be featuring her photography from INDIA with her black and white full frames along with a photo slideshow on the Lazy TV.

We will also be featuring a community art mural on our patio!  Everyone is invited to partake in adding their own artistic inspiration!

Tawd Jeffrey Barrie MusicianThe Music

From 7:30 – 8:10 pm we are excited to have Todd Jeffrey of The Morals doing a solo performance set.

Todd is a local Barrie Boy who’s main gig is writer/performer for the well known Barrie band The Morals.