Kool FM Patio Prowl | June 6, 2014

Kool FM Patio Prowl

Kool FM Patio Prowl

Join us on June 6,2014 as Kool FM broadcasts from the Lazy Tulip Cafe patio for their annual Barrie Patio Prowl!

We will be offering a $7.50 Lunch Box special to include our ever popular Avocado Wrap along with a House Brewed Iced Tea.



Barrie Patio Prowl


Mother’s Day Brunch Menu for 2014

Please join us for Mother’s Day Brunch on May 11!  Last year was a great success as we continue to offer a menu that has something for everyone with vegan and gluten-free options available!

Our Barrie’s Mother’s Day Brunch menu will consist of three courses for $19.95 and will be available all day Sunday, May 11 starting at 8:30am until 3pm.  We are requesting that you reserve your table by calling us at 705-252-0910 or by email at

Please note that our regular brunch menu will not be available on this day.  

Mother's Day Brunch Menu in Barrie 2014

Mother’s Day Brunch Menu in Barrie 2014

Now serving SIP Soda!

SIP Soda at Lazy Tulip CafeSIP natural craft soda
Simple, Infused, Pairings of Botanicals and Fruit”

Seems like if we’re going to carry soda then this company is a great fit for the Lazy Tulip!

SIP stands for “Simple, Infused, Pairings of Botanicals and Fruit”  –  set in a Sparkling, Spring water base with only 25 calories.

SIPsoda co. is based in Vancouver, BC and founded by local Food Scientist and Fine Water Connoisseur, Jennifer Martin. SIPsoda co. core values, like the drink, are pure, simple and honest.

We’ll be carrying the following flavours:

Barrie cafe now serving SIP Soda

Barrie cafe now serving SIP Soda

Lavender Lemon Peel  for the Earl Grey drinkers, Chocolate lovers and dessert fans.

Coriander Orange makes a cooling compliment to those favorite Indian dishes.

Rosemary Lime a refreshing favorite that works well anywhere, anytime.

Barista Training with Planet Bean Coffee

Yesterday I realized my whole life has been a lie!  And here goes the evolution of the Lazy Tulip!  Yesterday afternoon we had our first barista training with Planet Bean Coffee our new supplier of exceptional coffee well known in the Guelph area.  Planet Bean takes great pride in giving you the best coffee experience and are getting us right on track to bringing you the best cup of coffee in Barrie.

Planet Bean barista training 2Ryan, a Planet Bean Barista, spent about an hour showing us how to extract the perfect espresso.  First off we emptied out the all the previously ground coffee out of the holder as the first rule is to grind the beans per order! Next, let’s just toss that single espresso wand right into the garbage because they just do not exist at Planet Bean.  Double and triple wands only! All our espressos & americanos are now double shots!

Barrie espresso bar

Ryan teaches us how to properly fill the wand with freshly ground espresso spreading the coffee all the way to the edges and then with his beautifully crafted tamper presses down with 30 lbs of pressure!  Added to the shopping list:  triple espresso wand, a timer and a new  beautifully crafted tamper like Ryan’s!  After the tampering process Ryan inserts the wand of heaven into our Gaggia, gets out his timer and presses the button.  It should run around 20 seconds he says starting off with a dark colour that progresses into caramel.  Now we examine this liquid gold with a layer of crema so thick that you just want to nestle up in it and float away!  Now the taste test….omg……this truly is the best espresso I’ve ever had and we produced it on our own espresso machine.  This is only the beginning of a lifelong friendship!

Barrie Barista training with Planet Bean Coffee

Next…..milk drinks.  What do you mean I shouldn’t be using my fancy little automated milk frother?  But……ugh…….okay, I can adapt!  Milk is steamed to perfection using the good old fashioned espresso machine frother….by hand.  And then the inevitable…..the learning of the latte art.  Not an easy task…in fact…I successfully made a ghost on my first attempt.  Rather impressive at this time of year!  Ryan showed me up with this…a flower.  I’ve got a long way to go but at least I’ve got the espresso part down which is where it all starts as the real magic starts from there!

Thanks again to Ryan and Byron of Planet Bean.  This is just the start of a beautiful relationship!

Written by Michelle Huggins

Lazy Tulip to participate in Ecofest 2013

EcoFest Music Schedule copyWe are excited to be part of Ecofest 2013 again this year.  The festival runs September 27-29 at Heritage Park in Barrie, ON.  We’ll be set up at the Market Cafe along with our friends at Rawlicious and Unity Cafe.  It’s going to be a fun weekend!

This year we will be serving dinner for the Fashion Show on Friday night starting at 5pm.  On the menu we have a  Coconut Squash curried crepe with a Jicama Slaw.  For dessert we’ve got Pumpkin Cheesecake and Apple Crumble.  All our veggies & fruit will be locally sourced!

For Saturday and Sunday we have Avocado Wraps, Soy-Marinated Tofu Wraps, Moroccan Squash Soup, Grilled Mozzarella/Tomato/Basil Paninis and Apple Pie Crepes along with loads of great baked goods ranging from vegan & gluten-free to totally sinful.

See you there!!

Now Serving Planet Bean Coffee!

This weekend we are proud to be launching our new coffee from a small micro roaster from Guelph, ON called Planet Bean.

And with this change will evolve our passion for coffee.  The Planet Bean team will be sending in their barista for a full on training session at the Tulip.  We’re really looking forward to this as we are in desperate need of help in the latte art department!  We will also be hosting a coffee tasting event featuring our new line of coffee!  Please stay tuned for dates on that!

Here is our Planet Bean Coffee Lineup

Mexican Chiapas : Strong, Bold Flavour . Smoky & Spicy . Our Darkest French Roast

Peruvian Cafe Femenino : Floral Aroma . Notes of Caramel & Roasted Nut . Medium Roast.  Grown in the Andes by the Cafe Femenino women’s cooperatives of northern Peru.  Check out more about Cafe Femenino here!

Jumping Bean :  Espresso

Full City Peruvian Decaf Espresso : A Medium Roast with mild acidity and a fruity aroma accompany wonderful notes of cherry and chocolate.

Planet Bean logo1

About Planet Bean

Planet Bean began roasting coffee in downtown Guelph in 1997.  From the beginning their focus was on certified fair trade and organic gourmet arabica coffee.  They roast to order in small batches, therefore, they don’t warehouse any of our roasted coffee so it is always fresh roasted when shipped.  And they are passionate about their work!

Planet Bean Vision

Planet Bean is an innovative business model that is fair, sustainable and passionate.

Planet Bean Mission

Planet Bean create

s the best tasting coffee and through fair trade, links producers and consumers in a meaningful way.

At Planet Bean we are

Barrie Organic Fair Trade Coffee


We believe our success is grounded in a moral economy informed by the principals of fair trade for our producers, our workers , our shareholders and our customers.


We have a passion for excellent coffee, and this is reflected in our knowledge and advancement of gourmet coffee creation


We are respectful of the many hands that touch our coffee – from the farmers who grow and harvest it, to the roasters who roast it, the baristas who brew it and to those who drink it.

Ecologically Sustainable

We believe our success as a business is measured not only by our financial earnings but also our ability to reduce our ecological footprint, improve the health of the planet and advance organic production.

Co-operatively Driven

We believe a democratic workplace based on the international principals of co-operation is the way to create a model for a people centered economy.

Planet bean coffee at the Lazy TulipFor more information on Planet Bean check them out at:

Planet Bean Coffee 

Planet Bean on Facebook

Planet Bean on Twitter

Summer Patio weather is here in Barrie!

It was a long, cold winter here in Barrie so it is much anticipated that one can enjoy a nice hot or cold beverage with this lovely view of the lake. Okay….so you have to look past the construction zone…but just imagine it’s not there!! lol!

We now have lots of iced beverages ranging from house brewed iced tea (ask what our daily brew is!), iced coffee, iced latte and even Virgin Chocolate Espresso Martinis….how festive!!

Lazy Tulip Cafe Patio

Barrie Cafe Patio

Barrie Patios (2)

It Iced Coffee weather!

Barrie Patios (3)

House brewed iced tea daily!


Food Revolution Barrie

Lazy Tulip to participate in Food Revolution Barrie

Lazy Tulip to participate in Food Revolution Barrie

This Friday, May 17th Food Revolution Barrie takes over the Barrie City Hall to teach people about getting back to basics and using fresh, local ingredients to make simple and nutritious homemade food!

The Food Revolution was founded by Chef Jamie Oliver who is an inspiration to millions around the world.  Known to many as a campaigner for real food, Jamie’s efforts have highlighted the importance of food education, learning how to cook and sustainable food growth.

Please join us at the Barrie City Hall from 10am – 4:30pm where we will be offering yummy food made just as we always make it….FRESH!

For more information about Jamie Oliver’s movement go to Food Revolution Barrie!

Tulip to host Fundraising Event for Belize Community Conservation – Kids for Clean Water

The Belize Community Conservation is an organization that is committed to connecting, working collaboratively and consulting with global citizens to help create self-sustaining and strengthened communities by supporting & enriching the lives of people living in Belize.  They presented some kids from the Holy Cross Primary school $4.00 disposable Kodak cameras and told them to Photograph What you Love. Love What you Photograph. The results are now available for online auction or for $15/person you are welcome to come on May 8th from 6-8:30 where you can enjoy house made baked goods and a virgin chocolate espresso martini.  To bid on these photos please go to Kids for Clean Water and bid in the comment box!

To RSVP for the event on May 8th please go to Grow Yourself, Grow Your Business, Grow a Dream.

Belize Kids for Clean Water



Barrie Mother’s Day Brunch Menu 2013

Check out our 2014 Mother’s Day Brunch Menu here!

Please join us for Mother’s Day Brunch on May 12!  We are offering a menu that has something for everyone with many vegan and gluten-free options!

Our Mother’s Day Brunch menu will be available all day Sunday, May 12 starting at 9am until 3pm.  We are requesting that you reserve your table by calling us at 705-252-0910 or by email at

Barrie mother's day

Lazy Tulip Mother’s Day Brunch menu | 29 Maple Avenue, Barrie, ON, L4N 1R7 | 705-252-0910