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Lazy Tulipers!! We are giving away two weekend passes to Wayhome…twice!!  

We have teamed up with Wayhome to giveaway a pair of weekend passes to their festival July 28-30, 2017 at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds in Oro which features performances by #Flume #ImagineDragons and#FrankOcean

You have two ways to enter!  Go to our profiles on either Facebook or Instagram then follow the instructions to follow Wayhome & the Lazy Tulip Cafe.  Then tag your +1 in the comments!

All your names will be put into a bowl and drawn on July 17. Check your DMs and good luck!

Curb Appeal 2017

Lazy Tulip Staff at Curb Appeal 2017

Every year the BIA puts on a great event call Curb Appeal where they feature five different chefs that serve five different courses in a pop-up dinner type of setting for 140+ people.  This year we were honoured to be one of those chefs along with Marco Ormonde from The North Restaurant, Randy Feltis from Pie/Farmhouse, Kent Smith of Michael & Marion’s who brought in his new chef, Chris Pyne and Mama Rita from 147 Dunlop

This year the location of the event was kept a secret until the day of.  It had been planned to be on the top floor of the BMO building.  As of 1pm that day it was all set…despite the threat of rain they were going to push through.  The forecast did say it was supposed to clear up that evening and the setting would have been incredible.  As we were getting ready to pack up at the café at around 5pm to head over to the event it was full on raining.  I thought….there is no way we are going to be able to serve dinner on that roof! 

We arrived at 5:30 with a half hour before the guests start arriving.  As we pull up we see that everyone is in the process of bringing everything down into the parking garage.  The rain won and we had a half hour to reset the tables and get the party started!  With everyone working together everything came together…it is truly all about the recovery!

Our dish – Asparagus three ways.  A chilled asparagus, pea, mint soup.  A shaved asparagus salad with the help of Cookstown Greens.  An asparagus, goat cheese, basil ice cream.

We were up first which brought us some advantages allowing us lots of time to plate.  Salad first then the soup cups filled.  Throughout the initial plating process all the chefs were on deck in case we needed help.  We were fine until it came time to serve the ice cream.  At that point everyone pitched in and a full team effort was able to plate 143 balls of ice cream within minutes!

This team effort continued throughout the night as we all helped with each course.  A real collaboration where egos were set aside and a sense of teamwork took over.   It truly was an honour to be a part of this team.


Mother’s Day Brunch 2017

Barrie’s Mother’s Day Menu 2017

It’s that time of year when Moms become the star in our world so in honour of them here is our Mother’s Day Brunch Menu!  

We have a lot to be excited about this year!  First of all we are now able to accommodate more Mothers since we expanded last November!  The new Tulip offers more seats and a lot more beautiful space.  

And we are happy to have Chef Av as our guest Chef this year.  Av is an old friend of Michelle’s and after putting in many years at the Rosedale Diner in Toronto and his own Jam Cafe in Cabbagetown he is currently sharing his love for food with his own catering business in Toronto.  

Another great and old friend of Michelle’s is Sheila Lair whom she has known for 30 years!  Sheila has come back into Michelle’s life as a trained pastry chef and is responsible for the decadent dessert course on the menu this year!  Four amazing options to choose from!

If you are interested in joining us this year please give us a call at 416-712-2138.


The New Tulip – Giving Thanks

Over the last five years the Lazy Tulip Cafe has organically grown our business allowing us to take over the unit next door which was previously set up as a hair salon. Over the years the salon shuffled hands a few times & during that shuffle I was always offered by the owner the opportunity to take it over but I had never felt ready until now.

On October 1st, 2016 I signed the lease for the new space then everything just happened to fall nicely into place.  One of my customers recommended a contractor, Speare Contracting.  Shawn quickly showed up at the café to check out the job and he just had an air about him that was trusting and seemed prideful of his work.  There was an immediate comfort level there.  At the next meeting Rick Speare also came to meet with me and it was a done deal.  No need to look any further for contractors even though it was suggested I get multiple quotes.  These guys seemed honest and I felt comfortable.  I always follow my heart & that’s how I roll.

The former hair salon

Rick & Shawn then suggested I work with a local architect, Rob Jeffries to get my drawings done. Rob’s office is located at the corner of Dunlop & Maple Avenue…. literally a stone’s throw from the café so again…done deal. Rob, with the help of Rob Mitchell were able to efficiently get my plans together for me.

As the City of Barrie’s Department of Planning & Building Services is pretty backed up they suggested that I get a “Conditional Permit” which allowed me to get the project started. In order to do so we had to have an authorized architect who would oversee the renovations on the city’s behalf. We were lucky to have Rob Mitchell in our court allowing us to move quickly & efficiently.

The demolition only took a couple of days as they ripped out mirrors, glass and partitions with remnants of hair dye & extensions. Once the floors & walls were patched and sanded our good friend & master painter Bobby Hatcher came in from Hamilton to give us a hand with Randy Aylwin by his right hand side. In a day the new colours were up and the space started to take shape!

Madd Moll Wall Mural – Phase 2

Next Molly Aylwin, otherwise known as Madd Moll came up from Toronto to start the first phase of the wall mural. Brother Keenan was also there to help out as the Aylwins made it a family affair. In just a few hours the centerpiece of the room was finished and Molly nailed it. This girl never ceases to amaze me with how her creative brilliance comes to her with such ease. Over the Christmas holidays Molly was able to take the mural to Phase II adding more flowers, mandalas and a turquoise OM.  Pure brilliance!  

Shawn from Speare Contracting is an artist at heart as he brought the front entrance of the new space to life with some gorgeous reclaimed barn board. Having to leave the electrical panel accessible at all times we built a frame so that a canvas of some sort could be attached to it allowing the frame to be easily moved out from in front of the electrical panel. I had to find just the right piece for it…it wasn’t something I couldn’t rush into. Shawn suggested looking at drapes or shower curtains. Lo & behold on a trip to Walmart I came across this shower curtain. It was perfect. It gave the look of being able to look out the window into the forest on a fall day. The fun part? This can change…and it will. But for now this is perfect.

One of my most favorite past times is thrifting. All the light fixtures were thrifted at various stores around town. But the biggest score was the 8 foot harvest table in the window of the old Tulip that I purchased for just $25. Randy sanded it down just enough so that it still retained a lot of its character then took off about six inches on each side. We added a couple of layers of polyeurythene and some new table legs. We couldn’t be happier. The eight chairs around the table were also a thrift store purchase for just $6 each. I refinished the cushions to match the refinished table deuces that run along the bench to tie it all together.

The bench was Pinterest inspired with the frame & barn board backing built by Mike at Benson Wellington. Again the backing is reclaimed barn board that he lightly sanded down and finished. The bottom was basically just a wooden frame with a plywood front. I had sourced out some burlap coffee sacks from Planet Bean coffee from the actual coffee suppliers. With these I was able to put together the bench cushions that sat on top of the frame.

During all of this was the kitchen reno which was the most stressful and trying of them all.  In order for us to remain open during all of this we had to pack up the kitchen every night then get in early the next morning to clean and set everything back up.  However, the expanded space which we acquired by removing one bathroom was urgently needed in order to accommodate the extra seats!  As a part of this kitchen reno was the need for more power!  Thank you to Georgian Electric for being so accommodating and giving us a boost! 

The next step in evolving our kitchen was the involvement of a culinary consultant.   The first person that came to mind for me was my good friend Av Atikian.  Av was the former chef at the Rosedale Diner for many years then opened up Jam Café in Toronto’s Cabbagetown.  Now he’s taken on the role as a culinary consultant and was able to offer us up some much needed guidance on taking our kitchen to the next level!

Today our new space brings with it a sense of calm.  I find that our customers are able to relax and take their time enjoying the experience.  There is more space and more light allowing each person a chance to take it all in.  

I just wanted to personally thank everyone who helped to make this project happen.  Without everyone’s help & love this space would not have the beautiful, new energy it has today!

Love & Hugs, Michelle Huggins

I am super grateful to the following:

Straws Upon Request Policy Implemented!

We are proud to be a part of the #nostrawchallenge initiated by Explore Lake Simcoe (! We will no longer automatically serve our beverages with a straw allowing our customers to ask at their own request.  The “straws upon request” policy naturally coincides with what we stand for…be mindful of ourselves and our environment.  Naturally all of our takeout containers are Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable & Compostable Paper Take-Out Containers

The #nostrawchallenge initiative was recently featured in the Barrie Examiner – Saying no to plastic straws and on CTV News Barrie!

To learn more on how straws impact our environment check these links out!


Downtown Barrie Twitter Talks

On October 25th, 2016 we joined Shannon from the Downtown Barrie Business Association (BIA) to answer a series of questions.  Here’s how the conversation went!

Episode 4 | Tuesday, Oct 25th, 2016

Guest Speaker : Lazy Tulip Café, Michelle

The DT Barrie Twitter Talks series interviews downtown Barrie personalities, capturing the candid, the vibrant and the spirit of the downtown core. This month, we talked to Michelle Huggins, owner of the Lazy Tulip Café, about growth, travel, following your heart and the evoution of Downtown Barrie.

Downtown Barrie: It’s so great to be here with @LazyTulipCafe! We’d love for you to tell us a little bit more about your café #DTbarrietalks #barrielove

Lazy Tulip: We are a downtown cafe located on Maple Avenue focused on mindful eating, great coffee with a funky vibe! #barriecafe

Downtown Barrie: What made you want to open up a breakfast/lunch cafe in #Barrie?

Lazy Tulip: It was always on my to do list! New to Barrie I came across an ad on Kijiji for a cafe for lease. It was love at 1st sight! #followyourheart

Downtown Barrie: You are about to undergo an expansion, we are so excited for you! Tell us what prompted you to do this?

Lazy Tulip: My business has organically outgrown this space allowing me to blossom into the next unit over. #tulipgardenisgrowing It was #meanttobe!



Downtown Barrie:Well we can’t wait to see it! Post tons of reno pics please! #barrielove #DTbarrietalks #barrieunexpected

Lazy Tulip: Absolutely…we are so ready for this change!!! It’s time to breathe!

Downtown Barrie: Tell us what your hopes & dreams for #DowntownBarrie are! We always love to hear what people in our #community think #DTbarrietalks

Lazy Tulip : My dream is for a vibrant & culturally thriving DT.My hope is for people to embrace DTB & allow it to evolve into this.#thoughtsbecomethings

Downtown Barrie: Describe your perfect dawn till dusk day in #DowntownBarrie? Where would you go, what would you do?

Lazy Tulip: I’m not able to answer this in 140 characters! 1st-coffee & breakfast @ one of our numerous eateries…personal fave is @MidwayDiner1 ! Next would be a dog walk around the lake then maybe an afternoon matinee @UptownBarrie followed by a glass of vino @canvasandcab!! #perf

Downtown Barrie: What is your favourite #barrieunexpected thing about #DowntownBarrie?

Lazy Tulip: The sense of #community! Events like the #OctoberTastingTrail is a great way that @DowntownBarrie is bringing us all together! #Barrielove

Downtown Barrie: You have had the opportunity to travel to many different places in the world – what is something that you have experienced that could work in Downtown Barrie?

Lazy Tulip: I’ve enjoyed #fullmoonparties in India, Thailand, BVI and the Florida Keys. Our waterfront would be perfect for this! #dancingonthebeach

Downtown Barrie: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!! Let’s get #BarrieFullMoonParty trending

Downtown Barrie: Okay @lazytulipcafe, what should every #DowntownBarrieVisitor do at least once?

Lazy Tulip: Have a glass of wine on Il Buco’s patio & catch the fireworks or a full moon rising. Absolutely breathtaking! #bestviewinBarrie

Downtown Barrie:Is there a place in #downtownbarrie you havn’t been to yet that you can’t wait to check out? @LazyTulipCafe #DTbarrietalks #supportlocal

Lazy Tulip: I have never been to @PizzeriaBarrie ! They’ve been around for 50 years so I’m excited to try this place out!! #mustbedoingsomethingright

Downtown Barrie:How would you describe #DowntownBarrie in one word? Answer in a #

Lazy Tulip: #evolving

Downtown Barrie: Thank you SO much for having us today @LazyTulipCafe. You are doing great things in #downtownbarrie & we love your sense of community. We can’t wait to see the new space @LazyTulipCafe. Is there any business that you would love to hear from for our next #DTbarrietalks


Lazy Tulip: Yes!! I would be #Barriehappy to hear from Jessie @jadorecheese and hear about her new #Speakcheesy space!
Downtown Barrie: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!! Let’s get #BarrieFullMoonParty trending!

Downtown Barrie: Okay @lazytulipcafe, what should every #DowntownBarrieVisitor do at least once?

Lazy Tulip: Have a glass of wine on Il Buco’s patio & catch the fireworks or a full moon rising. Absolutely breathtaking! #bestviewinBarrie

Downtown Barrie:Is there a place in #downtownbarrie you havn’t been to yet that you can’t wait to check out? @LazyTulipCafe #DTbarrietalks #supportlocal

Lazy Tulip: I have never been to @PizzeriaBarrie ! They’ve been around for 50 years so I’m excited to try this place out!! #mustbedoingsomethingright

Downtown Barrie:How would you describe #DowntownBarrie in one word? Answer in a #

Lazy Tulip: #evolving

Our Tulip Garden is Growing!

Lazy Tulip Garden is GrowingWe have basically outgrown this cute little space and are branching off into the next unit!

As we await our building permit from the city our plans are set which will offer lots of extra seating while still retaining the intimacy of the original space.  This will allow us to accommodate larger tables, private events and even give us the opportunity to open up later on Friday and Saturday nights.

We are so excited as we evolve into this next phase as we approach our five year anniversary in February!

Thank you to all of our loyal customers that have supported us throughout the years and have basically become our family.

Thanks to Sue Sgambati for writing up this article in!  Lazy Tulip on

Curb Appeal in Downtown Barrie – Summer 2016

It was a gorgeous night to dine outside for the Downtown Barrie’s BIA big event Curb Appeal.  The backdrop this year was the downtown Barrie bus station on Maple Avenue.  Perhaps a preview of things to come with talks of this being our new setting for the Barrie Farmer’s Market.

Barrie's Curb AppealThis year we were asked to participate by offering this adorable amuse bouche.  The Lazy Tulip made an herbed tomato coconut soup that was topped off with an applewood smoked cheddar grilled cheese by the one and only Grilled Cheese Social Eatery.  And in spreading the #Barrielove the Grilled Cheese used a sour dough bread from Barrie’s new downtown bakery called Homestead and the applewood cheddar from our local Barrie cheese shop – J’Adore!

Barrie’s Curb Appeal is not only a chance to socialize with lover’s of the downtown but it is also a fundraiser for the David Busby Street Center.

Another highlight of the evening was this performance by Courtney Dubois & Ben Lemen of the song “Downtown”.  Another possible foreshadowing of things in the works! | 29 Maple Avenue, Barrie, ON, L4N 1R7 | 705-252-0910