Curb Appeal 2017

Lazy Tulip Staff at Curb Appeal 2017

Every year the BIA puts on a great event call Curb Appeal where they feature five different chefs that serve five different courses in a pop-up dinner type of setting for 140+ people.  This year we were honoured to be one of those chefs along with Marco Ormonde from The North Restaurant, Randy Feltis from Pie/Farmhouse, Kent Smith of Michael & Marion’s who brought in his new chef, Chris Pyne and Mama Rita from 147 Dunlop

This year the location of the event was kept a secret until the day of.  It had been planned to be on the top floor of the BMO building.  As of 1pm that day it was all set…despite the threat of rain they were going to push through.  The forecast did say it was supposed to clear up that evening and the setting would have been incredible.  As we were getting ready to pack up at the café at around 5pm to head over to the event it was full on raining.  I thought….there is no way we are going to be able to serve dinner on that roof! 

We arrived at 5:30 with a half hour before the guests start arriving.  As we pull up we see that everyone is in the process of bringing everything down into the parking garage.  The rain won and we had a half hour to reset the tables and get the party started!  With everyone working together everything came together…it is truly all about the recovery!

Our dish – Asparagus three ways.  A chilled asparagus, pea, mint soup.  A shaved asparagus salad with the help of Cookstown Greens.  An asparagus, goat cheese, basil ice cream.

We were up first which brought us some advantages allowing us lots of time to plate.  Salad first then the soup cups filled.  Throughout the initial plating process all the chefs were on deck in case we needed help.  We were fine until it came time to serve the ice cream.  At that point everyone pitched in and a full team effort was able to plate 143 balls of ice cream within minutes!

This team effort continued throughout the night as we all helped with each course.  A real collaboration where egos were set aside and a sense of teamwork took over.   It truly was an honour to be a part of this team. | 29 Maple Avenue, Barrie, ON, L4N 1R7 | 705-252-0910